Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Laundry date

When I got home from work today I cleaned up the house and put a huge load of laundry in. Laundry was quite an event in my house. As about every other peice of clothing that I pulled out had a dollar stuck to it. We came out with a total of 8 dollars. Could laundry get any better? Shaileen of course thought the money was hers so she stole it and ran up stairs to get her shoes on and told me to come and go to Coldstone icecream! It was really good. If only laundry would always come out like that!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Adoption Song "What's Mine is Yours"

One of my favorite blogs that I follow posted this video today that is about adoption. WOW! Such a great song and I am so happy that The R House shared it. I am at a loss of words on what to even write about this video. I think the words in the song says enough. Enjoy.

Mom's Surprise 60th birthday

This past Saturday night our family put together a surprise birthday party for my Mom. It is her 60th birthday today. She is the best Mom ever and we are so thankful for her. We were happy with how it turned out and it was a blast. 

Two of my most favorite women

Shaileen made this red hat all by herself and did a great job. I think she did so great because it was a  PIMP hat first! haha 

BYU vs Pepperdine

Last Thursday night we drove down to Provo in the nasty snowstorm and watched some BYU basketball. It was a way fun game and great atmosphere.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Car Baby!!!

So we have been thinking about getting a new car for a few months now. We knew we wanted a truck but couldn't decide what kind. We made the decision that with practicality, style, and size we wanted the Chevrolet Avalanche. On Saturday we made the decision to sell the Xterra and go find a truck instead. We went looking at a few different dealerships and finally found one we fell in LOVE with. We sold the Xterra on Saturday night on our own through KSL (because we got more that way than trading it in). Today after work we went to the Jerry Seiner dealership and paid for our new truck!! It is a 2005 tanish-silver (no one really knows the name of the color!) Chevrolet Avalanche. It has all the bells and whistles. It has dual climate control, heated seats, sunroof, DVD player with wireless headphones, memory seats, etc. We LOVE it!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Day fun

Yesterday (New Years Day) we had the day off of work to celebrate the holiday. Early in the morning we got up and went right over to Shaileen's Mom's house. For Christmas we gave her photos of the family and the big frame in the middle of the wall. She wanted us to put them up for her so that we did. We were really happy with how it turned out and we hope they are too.
Tristen and Nelson then invited us to go to the nicklecade. We absolutely love the nickelcade because it is so dang cheap but so much fun at the same time. We found this game and we got 898 tickets.

We may not be the smartest bunch but after we decided that Icecream sounded good. All you have to look at is the temperature in the background of the photo!

Happy New Years @ the Cline's 2013

Happy New Years! We had a blast on New Years Eve this year. Brady, Lauren and their 2 girls came over to party. Shaileen went all out and decorated the place and got noise makers and all that jazz. We played a few games like boxers and briefs and skip-bo. Then also went down stairs and played the wii for a few minutes until it was time to turn on the tv to watch the ball drop in times square.

 As you can tell from this photo. I had way too much fun.

We are happy to ring in a New Year and see what it has to bring to us.