Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nelson's Birthday... July 26th!!

So it was Nelson's birthday, he turned the BIG 25, and we went over to play games!!
Tristen and Nelson have a really fun game called THINGS, we had a blast!

This is Nelson... curling his mustache!

He is me and my VERY handsome husband!

This is Curtis and his girlfriend Morgan... they are really goof friends of Tristen and Nelson's.

Dickey's BBQ

First time to Dickey's BBQ and boy was it YUMMY!!!

I loved it as you can see...

Kurt loved it also.... he ate his all gone!

We nt with Kurt's mom and dad, Kimberly, Jason, and DJ, and then Kurt and I!! It was a blast. The food is amazing and best part is... free ice cream and pickles!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 24th Cline Family Dinner

n Sunday July 24th it was our turn to have our family dinner at our house. It was really fun and nice to get together with the family. We barbequed some chicken and hung out in the back yard. It looks like a DJ photoshoot because i was playing around with my camera. We certainly look forward to the 4th Sunday of each month to be able to get together with the family and spend some time together.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Craft Day

On Tuesday afternoon Shaileen got together with my family and had another craft day. They made a wood block set that said "summer". I think it turned out really great!

Before paint


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swimming with underwater camera

Yesterday was our day off with working four 10-hour shifts per week so we decided to go swimming again. It was really fun as always and it was even a bit more fun this time because we got an underwater camera that does not matter if you get it wet at all. You can even take it 16 feet deep! Everyone that came was Shaileen, Tristen, Nelson, Kimberly, DJ, Mom and Me. It is nice to have such a great family and we love spending time with.Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art Project

We have been wanting to paint our own canvas photos for quite some time now. Shaileen went to the store with Kimberly and my Mom this morning and the canvas was finally on sale. Tristen and Nelson got off work early and they wanted to do some painting as well. I love how mine turned out as well as everyone else's. I have never been good at painting or drawing so I was extreme happy with the final product. Shaileen's was really cool too because she made his and hers canvas paintings. They are pretty much the exact same paintings but they one will go up above my side of the desk and hers will go on her craft side of the desk. Hope you enjoy!

New Art Piece

This afternoon we went to Ross to see if we could find any cool artwork and boy did we find one...we found this HUGE piece that you can see in the photos. It was so large that it would not fit on the car so we put it on top of the car and drove home just holding on to it like it was a mattress. We love it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Real Salt Lake

Yesterday we went to the Real Salt Lake soccer game. It was Shaileen's and my first time ever going to a soccer game. Good thing Nelson sat by Scott and me to tell us some of the rules when we were confused. It was a lot of fun and we would for sure go again. Real even won 2-0 and they scored their second goal in the stoppage time at the end of the game! I definitely have a lot to learn when it comes to soccer if I am going to become a fan but I can feel it coming on! By the way I put Shaileen in charge of our point and shoot camera so we could get a different perspective.

These 2 pictures was right after they scored a goal. It was funny because the people that sit in the south stands go absolutely crazy! Take their shirts off and start spinning them around and yell and scream and stuff...

Shaileen's attempt at the sunset photo! (too lazy to put it through photoshop so this is how it came out of the point and shoot)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have been wanting to get a great photo of some fireworks and I had something in my mind that i wanted to capture but the dang buildings were in the way! Here are the best photos that I took last night which are not very good. Next year I will have to scout out a better spot to get what is in my mind. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves though being able to watch fireworks over the whole valley. You could easily tell that they legalized arial fireworks because they were over the entire valley. It was nice to not have all of the crowds around us and it being a bit more serene than usual. Shaileen even said that she thinks this should be a tradition.

Yay for tripods..(too bad I forgot to take it off of manual focus so we were not in focus, stupid photographer)


I love July 4th. It is easily my favorite holiday of the year. I love being able to spend time with the family. On the night of July 3rd we decided we better get out and put some chairs out to save our spot at the West Jordan Parade. We put the chairs out at about 11:30 pm. Tristen and Nelson were going to show up at our house really early in the morning to they just slept over at our house to avoid having to get up early and having to drive over again in a couple of hours. We showed up at the parade at about 7:30 and brought a card table so we could play some games to blow over the 3 hours that we had to wait for the parade to start. We chose the West Jordan Parade because Shaileen's dad's float from the church was in the parade. After going to the parade we went over to Shaileen's Grandpa's house and swam in their pool. It was a really fun to get out and get active. Almost everyone did a front flip and we had to get a photo of everyone doing it as well! :) It was a wonderful day and I just have to say that I am personally thankful for my freedom and I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. (gotta sing it)

playing our games and eating bagels before the parade

The best part of the parade is the motorcycle cops!

Shaileen, Carlye and Loren

This is Shaileen's dad with his float...he was riding on the turtle!

This is Shaileen's first attempt at a dive ever! She did quite well...

Carlye's front flip

Tristen's front flip

Nelson's font flip thing...

Here is my front flip! (yes i was actually there, haha)