Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DJ's Birthday

Its DJ getting ready for his own CAKE!!!

All of the cousins watching DJ open his presents

Great Grandma and Grandpa

Madison Marie

DJ opening his present with his birth-mother

Shaileen and my Dad

DJ went a little crazy with his cake... :)


They forgot to buy a candle so Jason made his own candle for DJ

I really am part of the family... lol
So it was DJ's 1st birthday on 11/13/10...Kimberly and Jason invited everyone to their house and we had a ton of fun. It is crazy to think how quick this past year has gone...also we celebrated Bambino's birthday kind of as well by giving him food in the morning and night...we are such nice parents... :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJ AND BAMBINO!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday Drive

On Sunday we decided that we needed to get up and go on a car ride and even decided to take Bambino with us. He absolutely loved it as you can see. We drove all around and ended up in Farmington looking at some cool houses.

So yesterday Shaileen and I made a little project for ourselves...we bought some vynall (spell check) from the store and we put this saying up on our wall. It says "Love makes a house a home" we really like how it turned out. we are going to be doing one above the kitchen cabinets next..... :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party

Shaileen got a little cold that night...

DJ, Kimberly and Grandma Alice

Carson in his little league football uniform. I think he just got beat up from his game earlier in tha game and didnt want to change into his real costume

Kimberly and DJ

It is hard to tell what they look like but these are Shaileen's mummy cupcakes...she is such an amazing baker

Shaileen did an awesome job at these Frankenstein Cupcakes

So the last couple of years we have gone out to Bret and Hil's house for the halloween celebration. It truely is a celebration as well. Hil makes dinner for the while neighborhood when they come by trick or treating. Shaileen made the amazing cupcakes and was really impressed with how they turned out. She is such an awesome baker. We look forward to going every year out there.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Dinner

So it was the 4th Sunday yesterday so it was the monthly dinner with Kurt's side of the family. We went out to Bret and Hilarie's house and had dinner. For dinner there were fajitas and they were really good. It is always nice to spend time with family. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Byu offense... GO COUGARS!!!

Shaileen and her Dad

Shaileen was trying to keep dry even though it pretty much stopped raining by this point... lol

on our way to the game

So it was football Saturday again...both Shaileen and I drove down early and walked around the stadium and watched the team warm up a was really fun! It was pouring rain though as you can see...we say in our seats about 30-45 minutes before the game started and just sat in our ponchos. thankfully the rain pretty much stopped about 30 minutes into the game. The cougars beat Wyoming 25-20. There are only 2 more home games this season and we will certainly be there cheering our team on. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun BYU Photos

We are huge BYU fans and have had a ton of fun this year. They unfortunately have not won as many games as we would have hoped this year but I guess that is what happens when you lose your second best quarterback ever, best runningback ever, and best tightend ever. We still have a lot of fun though. We go down with Shaileen's Dad, Cindy and Carlye.