Friday, August 31, 2012

Can you smell it in the air?

Can't you smell it in the air? This time of the year is the absolute best. There is nothing like football season. If you know anything about us we are huge BYU fans of every sport but especially football! Yesterday we drove straight from work because we thought the traffic in Provo was going to be horrible because of the nasty construction down there. The good news is they are so close to being done that the traffic was not bad at all. We showed up to the game about 2 hours early and walked around the stadium. Of course we had to go to the bookstore and get some new apparel too. That is certainly a must. We then went and got a burrito and a salad from Costa Vida to fill us up. That is some dang good food! I love showing up early to watch the players warm up and feel the atmosphere. The kickers are the most fun to watch warm up, they are amazing. Next time you are early to any football game make sure you watch them, for any team. LaVell Edwards Stadium had some renovations done to it this past off season and it looks dang good. There are new scoreboards on each side of the endzone with boards that go across the whole endzone for advertizement. It brightens the stadium a ton. During one of BYU's possessions the boards were flashing and it was driving me crazy. I can't imagine what our team was thinking with it flashing in their eyes. Hopefully they get that fixed. The pregame was awesome. There were fireworks and lots of noise. I took a video and put it below, make sure you check it out! The boys played great and won 30-6 against Washington State. The defense was especially great and held Wash St. to -5 yards rushing throughout the game. Absolutely Incredible. We look forward to the rest of the season and I am sure you will see more posts coming throughout the season as well. Now on to what you are really here for. THE PICTURES! ENJOY!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

St George/Tuacahn Road Trip

This past Friday night after work we drove down to St George Utah. Shaileen's all time favorite movie is Aladdin. I would warn you to be careful watching the movie with her because you will not be able to hear anything the characters are saying. If you do Shaileen will be saying every word of that movie in each characters voice perfectly throughout the whole movie! (she may kill me for saying that).
Anyways, at Tuacahn (which is an incredible outside theatre) they are playing Aladdin right now. I thought it would be a fun vacation to get away and make it quick as well. Like I said earlier we left straight from work on Friday and drove straight to St. George. It took us a little over 5 hours to get there because of the nasty construction in Utah County still.

 We cannot wait until that is done and we are also kind of scared for the time it is going to take to travel to the BYU games that start this week. We showed up there and were pleasantly surprised with the hotel. We stayed in the Crystal Inn which is off Bluff St towards the south end of the city. We certainly recommend that place to anyone. The rooms were huge and the bed was awesome. It had a good flat screen tv. The pool was big and even went to 8 1/2 feet deep.

It even had a full buffet breakfast. Anyways, on Saturday when we woke up Shaileen asked for the toilitrie bag and I said to get it out of her bag because she packed it. She said no I asked you to pack it. We then looked at each other and said CRAP! WE BOTH FORGOT IT! We ran to Walmart and bought a bunch of the cheap toilitrie stuff to get us by for the next two days. We then were trying to decide what to do because we had until 8:45pm until the show started at Tuacahn. On the drive down we listened to a book on tape called Grace that we really got into so we decided to drive to Mesquite just so we could finish the book and then we could grab a bite to eat down there. Man, that book was incredible. It had Shaileen bawling at the end and she was asking for more of the book. She did not want it to end. Check it out, it is a great book with a great meaning.

We then drove back after eating and didnt know what to do again. We stopped at Costco in memory of my Grandpa Earl. haha. Everytime we would travel with them whether it was in St George, Lake Tahoe, California or whereever he would always have to stop at Costco. We think it is just because of the samples. We stopped and walked around for a bit and had a few samples. We then had the best sample ever. It was cheesecake. We decided to buy it and take it back to our hotel room for later that night. We put it in the fridge and boy was it awesome.

We decided that we were there for relaxation so we went back to the hotel room and had a nap while watching tons of Teen Mom. (I should be ashamed for saying this) We layed around for about 3 or so hours and then got up and got back in the car. We drove to the top of the hill to get a good look of the St George LDS Temple. I got a new camera lens a couple of weeks ago so I wanted to try it out. Man, it is beautiful up there. I have not photoshopped those pictures yet but when I do I will either put the photos on here or Facebook. We then drove to a Ross and decided to get out to see if we could find any gems to add to our house. That is one of our favorite things to do. We then went back to the hotel again to get ready for the show and change out of our sweaty clothes.


We showed up to Tuacahn about 45 or so minutes early. It was jam packed with people. We both love sitting and people watching. There were a bunch of little girls dressed up in their princess costumes. We cannot wait for the day when we have a child/children to take to things like this and see their faces light up with excitement. We got to our seats and we really liked them. There is not a bad seat in the house because the stage is so large. The show was incredible. I kept looking over at Shaileen during the show and she was either smiling with huge eyes or was singing along with the songs. I wonder what the poor guy next to Shaileen was thinking. During the show I kept wondering how they were going to be able to do certain things like the tiger that shows up out of the desert.

They did a great job with the show. The only bad thing with the show is Shaileen loved it so much that she is going to want to go all of the time now. I can't blame her though and want to go just as much. We really just need to talk my parents into buying a second home down there so we don't have to pay for a hotel.

We woke up early Sunday morning to have breakfast and Shaileen really wanted to swim. We swam and sat in the hottub for about 1-2 hours. We even got in the broken sauna for about 5 minutes. The weather was perfect. It was nice that the pool actually had a deep end. It seems like that doesnt happen often at hotel pools. We then got out and went back and got in the shower to get ready to go home.

We pulled out of the parking lot to leave about about 3 minutes later Shaileen looks at me and says, "Oh my gosh, I forgot my wedding ring." We turned around and I dropped her off to run in and grab it and thankfully it was still there.

The drive home was great. We jammed out to music and looked at the beautiful scenery. During the ride home I got to thinking of how truely blessed I am in my life. I have the best wife I could ever ask for. She is an incredibly strong, loving, beautiful, funny person that I get to spend literally every waking second with. I would not have it any other way. I thought about the fact that we spend so much time together and currently even work together. There are not many couples that get that opportunity or a lot that would even want it.


I may regreat putting this video out there but you can see how much fun when we are together!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

On Saturday night some of our good friends, William and Brianna, invited us to go to the drive-in. They were up to see any movie for the most part so we talked them into seeing The Odd Life of Timothy Green. We have been wanting to see that movie for a while because it has adoption overtones in the movie. Other adoption bloggers that I follow have seen it and said it was great so that made us even more excited. Before reading the other blogs we were nervous to see it because there are a lot of people that do not understand adoption and can look and talk down on it. Others said to bring lots of tissues as well so we listened and did, boy were we thankful for it. The movie certainly helped us out in our infertility process and helped us to know that it is regular and others are going through the same process. It brought back many feelings that I have had from hearing Shaileen crying in the other room and wanting to do anything and everything to help her but knowing that there is absolutely nothing I can do to help her. In the movie when they find out they cannot have children biologically she says, "we will just get a puppy" and then a minute later states. "I dont want a puppy". That feeling is all to familure with us. We did the exact same thing. We got a dog to fill that void in our lives but then realized that there is no substitution that is the same. Also, the feelings that you get when people say I thought you were going to have one of your own. I dont want to give away too much about the show so I wont say more. I just have to say that you have to go see this movie. It was put together very well. If you know anyone that is going through the infertility/adoption process it will help you understand a little more of what they are going through. We look forward very much to starting this adoption process again and ask for everyones help in not only keeping us in your minds when speaking with others but also keeping us in your prayers. We have hundreds of pass-a-long cards and if anyone is willing to pass them out please let us know and we would love to get you some! We would like to thank everyone for their continued support. Over the last several weeks we have certainly felt others prayers in our behalf for comfort. THANK YOU!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Week of fun during time of trial

Over this past week we tryed to stay as busy as we possibly could to keep out minds busy. I can certainly say that we did a dang good job at that.

We ran to Gordman's several times. We bought an awesome frame for our bedroom and Shaileen loved trying on new hats. I think her favorite thing was spraying me with the nastiest, grossest cologne on the face of the planet though.

We also spent time with friends. We have some of the greatest friends. One of the best times we had was spending all day and night it seemed with Brady and Lauren. We went swimming, ate dinner and played fake poker. 

We also spent tons of time with our families. I don't know what we would have done without them. They were and have been our legs that have stood us up throughout this difficult time. Some of our favorite times with them was just sitting and playing games. I was not planning on telling this story but I feel it is important. I am so thankful for divine guidance. On Thursday August 2nd Tristen and Nelson got sealed in the temple and we were invited. It was hard to go because Sawyer was in the hospital with J because she wanted a day alone. It was really nice seeing them sealed though and finishing their ordinances here on earth. About a month before Tristen handed me an invitation to ask my parents to come to their sealing. At first I thought it was a little weird because it was a completely different part of the family but when I handed it to my parents they said that they would go. After the sealing Shaileen's Dad asked them to come to dinner. That is what they thought was weird and on the drive over to the restraunt they about called us and said that they were not going to go but they had the thought that they needed to be there for us. I think it is absolutely incredible that the spirit can get to that many people without being interupted. We are so thankful that they were there because that is when we got the phone call from our caseworker giving us the bad news. I dont know what we would have done if they were not there. They helped us out so much during this time.

I also spend a lot of time with my siblings and my nieces and nephews. I just had to share this picture of Alex. He found a little figurine playing a trombone. I got him to pretend to play the trombone too...

We even spent time at my Grandma's house. She is one of my favorite people on this planet. She gave me one of the biggest hugs that meant the absolute most. We even helped her find this wasps nest. She gave me a call the other night and said that she found some more friends for me and wants me to come over and play some more. She meant more wasps... I love my Grandma.

We learned a new card game called Wizard. It is so nice sitting down with friends and family to have fun and just talk and have a great time.

Shaileen said it was about time I needed a hair cut.

We also went to the Dinosaur Museum. I won't lie, it was really hard for me because of all of the children that were around but we still had a great time because we were with FAMILY!
See you can tell we had a great time at the museum.

It had been a very long time since we went to the drive-in movies. It was so nice. We will have to go more often now.

There was a softball tournament this past weekend that I helped coach as well. It was fun to just get out. It was up in Kaysville too. The drive was nice to sit and talk to my love about life in general. I love the talks that we have. I could not ask for a better spouse to spend eternity with.

See the girls are the best.

We finally went grocery shopping too, or at least gatorade shopping.

Friday, August 10, 2012

1 week later...

It has been a week since we found out about our failed placement. It has been the hardest time of our lives but we are
Doing much better than we expected. We are so thankful to our family and friends that have been there for us. We have been trying to find positive things we can get out of this trial in our lives. We have found that we can build our relationship as a husband and wife even better. We want to have a relationship that our future son or daughter would want their parents to have. We are also going to take the opportunity to be as financially stable as we can. I am so thankful for Shaileen, I could not have a better wife on the planet. She is so great in putting up with my faults as a husband and making me the best man, husband and future father! I cannot wait for the day Shaileen is a Mother. She is such a loving, caring, humble, and nothing but perfect person. This past week has been tough but it has been so nice spending every second with Shaileen. We have had the opportunity to reflect, talk things through, and cry together ! It has helped this grieving process so much. I have to say that we are not looking forward to going back to work on Monday and getting back to regular life even though we know that is what is best for both of us. We just don't want all of the questions that will open up those feelings we are trying to push through. We have gotten lots of these questions already and have done great with them but we are both scared of the ones to come. With faith and prayer we can and will make it through this huge trial in our lives. We have felt so many prayers in our behalf already and it is hard to ask this but we would like to ask for prayers still. Not only for us but for any birth mother/father and child. We know Heavenly Father has a plan for us and we will trust in his plan. We know he knows what is best for us. Each of us has our agency and we need to be following the things we should do so great things will come our way for sure!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shaileen zaps kadydids

So about a week or so ago we went and bought a bug zapper cause we have had tons of flys outside and inside. As well as tons of bees! Check out what we found.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New frame for our room

Yesterday we went down to Gordmans at the District in South Jordan and got this cool frame. We tried to put it up with sticky frame things but when we walked away from the room for 2 seconds the frame went crashing down to the ground. We then put it up with nails and it stayed a lot better! Haha ... We love it!


We have the absolute best family in the world. Through the extreme pain of these last several days they have been there for every second when we have needed them most. We are so lucky even though it seems like we are so unlucky at the same time. Everyone keeps saying that this happens because We are strong but it makes me wonder what they see. I know we will make it through it but I just keep thinking that Sawyer should be here with us. Like I said he is perfect and that is hat makes it so hard. It is hard to think that it was literally a couple of days ago we were hugging and kissing him. We keep praying for strength and that we will understand thy will.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Failed placement

I sit up in bed at 2:30 am on August 3, 2012! Both Shaileen and myself cannot sleep. We have just had the worst day of our lives. We received a call from our caseworker last night letting us know that J has decided to parent Sawyer. It was the worst news that we could have gotten. It is extremely hard to comprehend right now what has happened. Seeing Sawyer has made us the happiest people in the world and he is so perfect. I think that is what makes this so hard. It is because he is perfect. We would like to ask for prayers in ours, J's, and Sawyer's behalf. We still love J and cannot comprehend the things that have gone through her mind and heart. With going through this adoption process and infertility there have been several times we have been angry at our Father in Heaven. We now realize that we cannot be angry, we our strong people and will make it through anything. It will take a long time with lots more tears but with holding onto each other and propping each other up we WILL make it through this TOGETHER! Again, we would like to thank everyone's continued love and support. Thank you for all you do.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Sawyer

Meet Sawyer Reed Cline

We were walking into Joran Valley hospital at about 4:15 am and J's best friend called and said that they were already in the hospital because she went into labor and they had been there for about an hour or so. Sawyer wanted to come regardless. We went upstairs and J and her best friend Kcee were in there. She was having contractions every minute or two. The Anethstesiologist walked in and we got the best news. J asked him if it was ok that we were in the C-Section room and then her best friend walk in right when they pulled Sawyer out. He said that he didnt care if we were all in there so all 3 of us were in there the whole time.  

Doesn's Shai look sexy!

The C-Section was one incredible experience. With where I was sitting I was able to watch most of the procedure. It is incredible what the doctors do and how quickly too. Dr. Dinger showed up precisely  at 6:30 am. They prepped the operating room and he was born at 6:51 am. It was amazing how fast it was. Right before he was born they said here comes his head. We all stood up and there he was. He immediatly started crying. I thought hearing his heart beat at all of J's appointment was the best sound in the world. I will be the first to tell you I could not have been more wrong. That little scream immediatly brought tears to Shaileen's and my eyes. He was taken over to the washing station and they cleaned him all up. He cryed for the first minute or so but after that he was pretty calm with a wimper every little bit.

He weighed in at 8 lbs 1.2 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long.

His feet were just as big and long as we expected from looking at all of the sonograms!

As soon as they were done cleaning him they wrapped him up just like a little burrito and handed Sawyer to Shaileen. She is and has been in heaven the past day and a half so far. She just keeps saying how absolutely perfect he is. She is going to be a great Momma.

Sawyer has some big huge lips with a dimple on his chin

This is one of my favorie photos that was taken yesterday. It is J holding hands. It is such a simple photo but with so much meaning. We have a bunch more photos with J in it but we will keep those for Sawyer and us.

I was given the opportunity to bathe Sawyer for the first time. He is such a trooper. He wimpered for the first 30 seconds and then loved every second after. Especially when we washed his hair...

Keep looking for more posts for day #2