Friday, August 30, 2013

Jax's Newborn Photos

I thought I posted photos on this blog about Jax's newborn session Shaileen told me that I needed to get on it. How could I forget these incredible photos. I will let the photos do the talking. I do have to thank Karina Orgill Photography for doing such an incredible job. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to get any kind of photos done. Thanks again Karina

Dad and Jax alone time

This past Wednesday Shaileen started back to work so we meet in the parking lot everyday and switch Jax cars and kiss and she starts working almost immediately when I get off. It was tough for Shaileen to go back but the cool thing is I get to spend 8 hours a day with Jax alone several days a week. There are not too many Dad's that get that opportunity I don't think. I am trying to take this opportunity with being with him and cherish every second. Even though sometimes I think Jax is crying just for Mom. :) 

Today Shaileen came in about 30 minutes early and got the ok to just bring Jax and have him with her while she worked until I got off work to take him. Both Shaileen, myself and Grandpa Evan work there. We may as well get him started early because in about 18 years he will probably start working there as well. 

Jax sat in the Bumbo surprisingly for a while while I folded some laundry. I would have never guessed that he would have sat that well. I think it is because he is so short that the middle of his neck sits at the top of the Bumbo still.

Two day ago this is how he fell asleep on me. How cute is this. 

Today he threw up all over his clothes so I had him sit naked all night. This photo makes him look like such a chub-a-lub

As you can tell, I am one proud Dad. Can ya blame me?

Weekend at Wolf Creek

Last weekend we went up with some of my side of the family to Eden Utah to stay in the condos up there. We went up last year and liked it so much that we made it a tradition. It was our first family trip. The 2 days before we left we were scared to take Jax because he was a little sick and quite fussy but the day we left he felt better all of a sudden and was a perfect little kid. He even slept a little over 7 hours in a row one night. We both woke up, looked at each other and wondered if we slept through him waking up. The pictures that I put on here are not in any particular order. Hope you enjoy.

This is a family photo we took just before we went swimming. 

I already posted a swimming post but forgot this next photo and couldn't resist. Jax is such a little stud muffin. 

We enjoyed spending time with cousins. 

Doesn't Shaileen just glow as a mother. She is the best mother ever.

Jax loving tummy time. 

I was taking a nap and Alex decided to come scare me. I love the progression of these photos. These boys are the best.

Aunt Kimmy and Jax just before we went swimming

We have also made it a little tradition to go golfing up at Wolf Creek. It is absolutely beautiful. If you look closely you can even see the hot air balloon in the back ground. These are some of the fondest memories I will look back at with my Dad and always remember.

Like I said earlier, he slept for a little over 7 hours and he even looked a little tired in this photo as well. 

Shaileen even tried to pick up a new hobby.

My two favorite people in this world.

You can see in this video with Grandpa E that Jax is progressing so well. He was following Grandpa's fingers for about 5 or so minutes straight.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jax's first time swimming

This past weekend we went out of town to Eden, Utah and stayed at the Wolfcreek Condos. A seperate blog will be coming later with more photos and stories later. I just could not wait to post this video of Jax going swimming for the very first time. The swimming suit was a bit big so we had to roll the top over to make it fit a bit better. Jax absolutely loved swimming. In the video below you will see that he cried for about 10 seconds but then was perfectly fine after that. I think he cried only because it was a little chilly. He stayed in the pool for about 10 minutes and then I took him out and put him in a towel and he zonked out and slept so soundly. We were so happy that he liked the pool so much and can't wait to take him back to another pool in the future.