Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Closing tonight

The last 1-2 weeks has been absolutely crazy because we have been packing like crazy getting ready to move. Also, we have been helping Shaileen's Mom move into her new house too. We cant wait to be settled down in one location with all of our stuff the way we want it.
It got way real last night when we went to do our final walk through on our new house. The sellers had most of their stuff packed up so it didnt look like their home, it looked like our future home. We walked through it making sure everything was ready for us to close tonight. TONIGHT! holy crap has time just flown by. I thought that a month was going to take forever to come but it is here. The plan is to meet at the title company at 4:30pm to sign on the closing of our house in Taylorsville as well as the new one at the same time. We were happy because we really didnt want to take time off work to do this so it turned out well. The plan so far is to move on Saturday morning so anyone that is able and willing to help we would really appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Packing and moving

Lately we have been packing like crazy to get ready to move to our new house. As you can tell from the pictures below our house is stacked with boxes in most rooms. We are excited to move and get into a bigger better house. We have been told that we should be planning to close on May 22nd. We are happy because we really did not want to move twice as we thought there was a possibility of there being a week between houses.