Saturday, November 30, 2013

2013 Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with the Cline side of the family. We had a wonderful time. As you can see there were a ton of people there. I will let the photos do the talking today. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cindy's 50th Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday Grandma Cindy! To celebrate we went out bowling last night as a family. As you can tell we had a blast. Jax even had a blast too. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

4 month doc check up

Today was Jax's 4 month check up with Dr Eyre. We were so excited to see how much he has grown. He was really happy until he got his 3 shots. The doctor was really impressed with how he has been doing and growing. As you can tell from the charts below he is in the 1.41 percentile in weight as he is 12.03 lbs now. He is also in the 2 percentile in length because he is 21.9 inches long. He is a little chub though because he is in the 95.01 percentile for weight compared to his length. As parents we are so proud of him.

Friday, November 8, 2013

4 months old

 On Wednesday Jax turned 4 months old! How crazy is it that time is flying by so quick. Its funny how it feels like he has been with us forever but at the exact same time it feels like he was just born. This next Monday we take him to the doctor again for his next checkup. We are excited to see how big he has gotten. You can tell from these pictures that he is certainly chunking up. Not sure how though with how much he throws up with each bottle or meal.

Sometimes it is hard to remember how small he was. This photo brings some special memories. We are taking every moment and cherishing them.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jax Talking

Last night Jax started talking back to us a lot. Before he would talk just a little bit but would not respond to you. It is so much fun to see him progress. Enjoy!

Jax ready for church

Before Jax was born we got some gift cards to Babies R' Us and we had pretty much everything we needed. When we walked into the store we found this outfit. It was quite pricy but we decided that he had to look great for church. We have been waiting patiently for Jax to grow big enough to fit into this outfit. The day was finally here.  Love this boy more than words can explain.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Jax's 1st Halloween 2013

One thing we have looked foward to with Jax is dressing him up for Halloween. We thought it would be easy for us to find a costume for him but that could not have been further from the truth. He is still so small that nothing would fit him in the stores. We were emailing Jax's birthmom back and forth and she came up with the great idea to dress him as a peanut because that is what everybody calls him. Shaileen looked up how to make a peanut costume online and she made the costume all on her own. I personally think she did an excellent job.
Last night was extremely busy. We went to pick up Jax from the babysitter because Shaileen worked a day shift. We immediatly left for SLC again to go out to Bret and Hil's house for their annual Halloween party. We were there for about an hour. We saw everybody and had a wonderful time. After eating way more than we should have we left and went to Grandpa and Grandma Davis' house. It was nice to see them and as always they were so excited to see Jax. We also went and saw Grandma and Grandpa Glover. After a long busy night we drove home and were all extremely exhausted.
Isn't he the cutest little peanut you have ever seen?