Thursday, January 23, 2014

6 Month Check-up

It was time for Jax's 6 month check-up this past Monday. We had been looking forward to going because we wanted to see how much bigger Jax had gotten. The doctor was so impressed with Jax and where he is developmentally. The sad thing is he had to get 4 shots as well as the rotovirus. Luckily he didn't have such a negative reaction to the shots this time around compared to his last appointment. He was sore that night but we can handle that compared to the 2-3 days it affected him last time. 

When we left the doctor gave us his growth charts which is what we were most excited to see. They were as follows which you can see below as well:
-Length - 23.75 inches... in the 0.01%tile
-Weight - 14.34 lbs... in the 2.53%tile
-Head Circumference - 16.24... in the 2.76%tile
-Weight/Height... in the 79.06%tile

This means he is really small but is a chunker. Last time we went in he was in the 95%tile for weight/height so he has "thinned" out a little bit.  As parents we are so proud of this little man and look forward to seeing him continue to progess and can't wait to see the little dude that he is going to be. 

Later that night we decided that we wanted to feed Jax fruit for the first time. As you can guess he loved it. The first fruit he tried was peaches. Since then he has tried several other things. He is a champ when it comes to eating. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winner winner chicken dinner

Pretty stoked about the email I received tonight. It is the end of round #2 of the dietbet transformer (nov-May). This months bet was $12.50 and I won $39.95! WHAAAAAAAAA! That is insane. That was so much motivation tonight to see this. If you are looking to get healthy I would definately recommend getting into a dietbet cause there is such incredible motivation there. Each person is pushing the others to meet their goals. 

6 Months Old

Holy Moly! It is hard to believe that Jax is 6 months old already. Time has gone by so quick and it scares us how quick it is happening. We are trying to cherish each and every moment with him because we will never get them back. Jax is progressing so much each and every day it seems like. He is sitting up with no problem, rolling over like a mad man, and loves talking. I have been trying to coerce him to make his first word Daddy. Lets see what he thinks about that in the next few months.

When Jax was first born it seemed like it would take FOREVER to make it 6 months to finalize his adoption in court as well as go to the temple and bless him. That has now came and gone. Wow!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jax's temple sealing

What an incredible feeling it is to be sealed to Jax. Today is one of the days that we have been looking forward to for a very long time. Many people asked us how cool it was to go to court and have the adoption finalized. To us it was alright but today was the day that we were really looking forward to. I think it is so awesome that our Heavenly Father recognizes any adopted child just as if they were born into their adopted family under the covenant when we are sealed to them. When Shaileen and I walked into the sealing room it was incredible to see our family and friends there. We have had such love and support throughout everything we have gone through. Throughout the many heartbreaks in the adoption process it just did not effect just the two of us. It effected our family just as much. That is why it was so great to have them there with us to celebrate our FOREVER FAMILY!

Mostly it is just me that blogs but I really think it is super important to get Shaileen's thoughts from today. Here you go :

So my top moments in life, so far, are:
     1- The day I married my best friend,
     2- The day Jax was born,
     3- Bringing Jax home,
     4- finalizing Jax's adoption,
AND now
     5- the we had Jax sealed to us for time and ALL eternity.

Today was such an incredible experience. To know that no matter what happens in this life, Jax will be ours FOREVER!! This process of adoption has taught me so much. It has taught me to never give up, there is always something brighter to look forward to. It has taught me that no matter how lost you think you are, our Father in Heaven can help guide you back. It has taught me that PATIENCE is definitely a virtue. It has taught me that GOD knows ALL. It has taught me to be a strong, independent, loving, caring, hard working, confident, and funny woman. Adoption has taught me to never take advantage the relationship I have and can have with my children. It has taught me that no matter the struggle I can turn to my Father in Heaven for peace and guidance.
When Jax entered the sealing room he was thrilled, it was almost as if he knew what was about to happen. I sometimes wonder how thin the vale is for him still, and how much of what is happening in his life he knew was going to happen.
Today in the sealing room an overwhelming feeling of gratitude poured over my heart and slapped me in the face. I have so much to be grateful for. I feel as if we are always thanking those that have been a part of this journey with us, BUT sometimes we forget to thank the most important person. In the sealing room today, though everything that was happening, I poured my heart out to my Father in Heaven in silent prayer. I thanked him for this incredible MIRACLE he gave to us. I thanked him for trusting me enough to mother this precious child. I thanked him for allowing me to guide him through this life with his help and the help of my wonderful companion. I thanked him for not giving up on me through the years, and keeping his faith in me even when I wavered in my faith in him. lastly, I thanked him for being my strength, and for listening to me when I was sure no one else was.
I feel so much joy in my heart after today. Nothing will ever compare to the amazing experience of sitting across the alter from my incredible husband and our beautiful son, being sealed for TIME AND ALL ETERNITY!!! I know without a doubt that Jax was meant to be a part of our family. We will forever be grateful to his amazing birth mother Sarrina and the beautiful gift she has given us. She not only gave us the child we had longed for, but a new extended family as well. We love our Birth Family and we are so proud to have them in our lives.
I also just want to add that I would be nowhere without my husband. He has stood by me when others have not, at my lowest and at my highest. I know that God provided Kurt for me. He choose Kurt to be mine so he could teach me to be kind, generous, patient, gentle, soft of heart, and most of all faithful. I love you Kurt Reed Cline. You are mine forever and I cherish that thought. I love you madly and I am beyond grateful to share every moment of every day with you.
Jax... one day you will read this. I want you to know that mommy loves you so much. I cried a million tears before I found you. Daddy and I waited, and waited, and waited and we know that Heavenly Father was finding the most special baby to send to us. I love you more than I can put into words. You have my heart little man. I know that one day you will be a daddy, and if you feel even an ounce of the love I have for you for your children you will be the best daddy around. I loved you before I even knew you existed. I have prayed for hours on end hoping that one day those prayers would be answered... Buddy, my prayers were answered with you. I love you my angel, you are my miracle. xoxo - mommy

I asked Shaileen to come into the computer room and not read what I had written earlier in this post but to just write down her feelings for today. WOW! I have no idea why I am the one that blogs because she can pour her heart out way better than I can. Shaileen, I love you too with all of my heart. You are the woman I had been looking for to marry but more importantly be the mother to our child. I love you!