Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jax chooses which temple he wants to be sealed in

We were having such a tough time deciding what temple to have Jax sealed to us. Shaileen thought we should go to the Jordan River temple and I wanted the Salt Lake temple and we both really love the beauty of the Oquirrh Mountain temple in South Jordan. Someone online gave us the idea that we should show Jax the photos of each of the temples and let him choose. We both absolutely loved that idea. This evening we both sad down with Jax on the floor and pulled up photos on the temples on the Ipad and let him go to work. It was obviously hard to tell which one he really liked but from sitting next to him it seemed like he really liked the 2nd temple. I obviously was not watching which one he chose because it was the Jordan River temple (Shaileen's favorite). We are excited to go through the Jordan River temple though especially because that is where my Grandpa worked. He was also on his way there when he passed away. Each time we go there I can feel his presence there with us. We want to go get sealed on 12-28-13 but are not sure if that is a possibility yet because the temple is closed for cleaning currently and can't make an appointment until Monday. If that is when we get sealed we plan to bless him in church hopefully the following Sunday if our bishopric is ok with that. This is the thing that I look forward to most with Jax so far in this whole adoption process. To become not only a family on this earth but for eternity. Man, I love that boy more than the world. I am definately the luckiest Dad in the world.


  1. Ah you guys! I can't help but smile with every blog post. So happy that his sealing is soon, you three deserve all of the happiness in the world.