Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Superman Swaddle Sleep

While Shaileen was changing Jax's diaper last night he struck this pose. We thought he looked just like superman with his burp rag looking like a cape and in the superman pose. Such a little stud.
Since Jax was born we have put him to sleep being swaddled. We want to get him to be used to not being swaddled so we are going to take one arm out at a time and hopefully soon be able to put him to sleep not being swaddled. He has been such a great sleeper. He usually sleeps at least 8 hours but 2 nights ago he slept 11 hours. Jax just loves his sleep. He always wakes up so happy and full of smiles. I just hope that he keeps it up and sleeps good always. Wish us luck changing where he is not swaddled.


  1. You mean you don't want to swaddle him the rest of his life? haha a 4 year old swaddled in bed, sounds entertaining!