Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jax's First Time Eating Cereal

Over the past couple days Jax has been acting like he just cannot get enough formula and is crying after we feed him because he wants more. We increased his formula by a little bit and he was still so upset. Finally Shaileen and I decided to look online to determine when most babies are ready to eat rice cereal. After reading we determined that Jax was ready because he was showing all the signs of being ready. I have been hesitant to feed him because I have heard it is messy and a pain. I couldn't have been more wrong. Jax absolutely loved the rice cereal and ate it a ton better than expected. We took video posted below of him eating. He was a champ but was mad when he was done. He just wanted more. So we fed him the formula you're supposed to after rice cereal and he was dead asleep immediatly after. We could tell that is what he wanted. It is insane that he is growing up so fast. Time just needs to slow down!
PS. Dont judge the dirtiness in the background of the pictures and video. We were in the middle of folding laundry.


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