Thursday, May 15, 2014

Starting a daily vlog

A few days ago I made a goal to make a vlog everyday for a year (come subscribe to our jouney) which means I have been carrying a camera around with me everywhere. I sure am glad that I have because in just 2-3 days I have captured these awesome moments of Jax and Shaileen. I sure am one lucky guy to have both Jax and Shaileen in my life.
A couple of days ago we went to go buy Jax some jeans because he has finally grown out of the pair that he has been wearing. When we showed up to Carters it didnt open for about 10 minutes so we pulled Jax out of his carseat and brought him up to the front seat. He had never been up there before and was in awe. Not all of the stuff you would think made him intersted though. He was interested in something on the roof. He did have fun honking the horn too though.

We have been working on walking with Jax. I think he will start walking in the next month or so with how well he is doing. He loves standing next to the couch right now and will walk fast if you are holding on to both hands but slow if you hold on to one hand. He has been progressing so fast lately. It makes me sad that my little dude is getting more independent each and every day. 

Who is this sexy beast?

Almost everyday when I am at home with Jax while Shaileen is working we go on a run. He helps me train for the half marathon that I am doing in just a little over 1 month. He can't tell me yet but I can tell that it is the highlight of his day for sure. He always gets so excited everytime we pull out the jogging stroller. It makes it so much easier to get outside and run/workout when he is happy and lovesx being there with me. 

Last night we were planting some bushes in the front yard. We have been outside a little bit with Jax but he has not played outside like we id last night. He absolutely loved it. I look forward to spending as much time outside with him as we can. By the way, aren't his little two front bottom teeth the cutest thing ever!



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