Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I love July 4th. It is easily my favorite holiday of the year. I love being able to spend time with the family. On the night of July 3rd we decided we better get out and put some chairs out to save our spot at the West Jordan Parade. We put the chairs out at about 11:30 pm. Tristen and Nelson were going to show up at our house really early in the morning to they just slept over at our house to avoid having to get up early and having to drive over again in a couple of hours. We showed up at the parade at about 7:30 and brought a card table so we could play some games to blow over the 3 hours that we had to wait for the parade to start. We chose the West Jordan Parade because Shaileen's dad's float from the church was in the parade. After going to the parade we went over to Shaileen's Grandpa's house and swam in their pool. It was a really fun to get out and get active. Almost everyone did a front flip and we had to get a photo of everyone doing it as well! :) It was a wonderful day and I just have to say that I am personally thankful for my freedom and I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. (gotta sing it)

playing our games and eating bagels before the parade

The best part of the parade is the motorcycle cops!

Shaileen, Carlye and Loren

This is Shaileen's dad with his float...he was riding on the turtle!

This is Shaileen's first attempt at a dive ever! She did quite well...

Carlye's front flip

Tristen's front flip

Nelson's font flip thing...

Here is my front flip! (yes i was actually there, haha)


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