Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We spend christmas eve with my side of the family this year and as always had a blast.

Kim and Alex

Each year we play the chimes to Christmas music! This is Madison rocking out to it!

My two favorite grandparents ever!

Kimberly singing grandma got ranover by a reindeer

Madison and DJ leading christmas songs with their wizard wands! :)

This year we played the game where you pass the present right and left. As you can see Alex loved it!

Shaileen and DJ. Can i just say that she absolutely loves him, and he loves her!

Every Christmas Eve when we get home like lots of other people we have a tradition to open PJs to wear to bed.

She loved them


Shaileen made this awesome sausage dip for christmas the next day

Here we are laying in bed waiting for Santa, we forgot that Santa wont come when you are awake through so we quickly fell asleep!


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