Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Painting and The forgotten carols

Yesterday was our day off of work so we woke up early and painted the extra bedroom/nursery! It was nice to get that done because it was really needing it! It is gray with white trim! We decided to make it very neutral so we can cater it to either a boy or girl when it comes time! We just need to paint some extra wood pieces in the closet until we are finished! We are now looking for a vinyl tree for the wall that will go behind the crib when we get one! In the afternoon we were bored so we decided to go see Kimberly, dj and Alex cause she still has a couple more days off work! We had a blast as always, just cause we are that cool! Haha.. At around 6pm we met my parents, grandparents and Bret and Hilarie at Texas roadhouse for dinner before we went to the forgotten carols! Dinner was great as always and as you can see from the photo Shaileen's baked potato was the size of a baby elephant! The forgotten carols were absolutely amazing! It had been a long time since I had been so I had forgotten the story! It is so nice to go to the play because it puts back in perspective what is really important not only this time of the year but always! Of you have not seen this show I would certainly recommend it! There were many songs that made me think about Shaileen and me going through the adoption process and brought me to tears ( but if you know me you will find that it is easy to get me to cry). I appreciate my
Parents for inviting us because it is something that I personally needed in my life!

By the way, sorry for the lack of pictures today! I don't know what I was thinking :)


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