Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our adoption video

We were asked to write this blog and tell about the video we put together on our adoption profile. We are happy to share our video with others to not only spread the word of us adopting but also so others may take the idea and use it as well. There are so many ways we can find our child. We decided that we need to do as many things possible to get our names out there because our child's birth parents need to have the avenues to find us. There is only so much we can put on our profiles on  There are our birth parent letters, pictures, questions and answers and our contact us page! That is not much information for birth parents to look at. We tried to make our profile so it had as much information as possible on it. Pictures tell the most about us as a couple, so we put this video together to show more of our photos and put it together with one of our favorite songs. We had a failed placement happen about a month ago and the way our birth mother found us is through our pass-along cards. We don't know what is going to be our "pass-a-long" cards this time. Will it be our profile on the website, our posting on Facebook, our blog, having family and friends keeping ears open, or our YouTube video? We hope you enjoy the video. We feel it is important to say that we constantly have other hopeful adoptive couples in our prayers. What we are going through in this process is not easy and we pray that everyone's prayers get answered in the Lord's timeline. We pray that others will have constant strength to continue also. Our children our out there, stay strong and let's find them. 


  1. You're both still in my prayers! Have you tried Reeses Rainbow? Just a thought. Love you both!