Thursday, September 13, 2012

United Way Volunteering Day

We absolutely love volunteering. Luckily our work gives us many opportunities to volunteer in the community thoughout the year. Today was the Unitedway Day of Caring. We went up Millcreek Canyon to the boyscout camp areas. A huge group of 2nd graders from a school in West Valley came up. Questar put together a bunch of different stations from 100 yard dashes, dino ring toss, natural gas teaching and other fun ones. We were in charge of the fossil making. You would take a leaf and put it under a piece of paper and color on it real light and it would make it look like a fossil. It would teach them how fossils are made. It was real fun seeing the kids eyes light up when they would get it to finally work and look good! I had a bunch of fun with the kids and especially teasing them. I even got one kid to believe for a second that there was a mountain lion on the hill right next to us. We really love volunteering like I said earlier and look forward to doing more in the near future. We are also looking to volunteer with Families Supporting Adoption (FSA) too. We just need to look into how to get more into that! Now on the the part that everyone enjoys! THE PICTURES! ENJOY ~


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