Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally, inside house photos

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram I am sure you are sick of hearing about us moving into our new home. We wanted to document this for ourselves however. This house feels more like a home already more than our old house ever did. We are so excited to bring children into our home. Like always, if you know anyone that is thinking of placing their child for adoption please pass along our information. We would appreciate it more than you would ever know.

This is the living room that you see when you first walk in our door. We absolutely love it. We told each other that we better never have to paint in here however because we would have to hire someone to do it. There is no way I could get in the upper corners all by myself. 

These are the french doors into the office. 

On Memorial Day we went and bought a new computer desk that matches so much better in this room.

Dont mind the large painting in the background. We just have not hung it up yet. 

Shaileen gave me the ok to start collecting sports memorabilia, so we went out and purchased this shelving unit. I have bought a couple new things off ebay this past week to start filling it up. Cant wait to get them in the mail now.

We absolutely love our kitchen. It feels so much warmer and inviting now. When we have people over it doesn't feel so crammed anymore. 

As funny as it sounds one of our favorite things about this home is the food pantry. We have plenty of space downstairs to store the food but this is so much more efficient. 

Family room right off of the kitchen.

Half bath off of the family room on the main floor, and hooked to it in the next picture is the laundry room. 

Here soon we are looking forward to building some stools for the washer and dryer so they stand up higher. We are going to build them because they are ridiculously expensive to buy. 

Don't judge by how dirty my garage is right now. It is one of the last things I am worried about getting organized, at least we can pull the cars into it right now.

As you walk up the stairs to the upper floor this is the view you have of the living room. 

This is going to be the nursery in the future, some day soon i am going to set up the crib and everything else but I just am not in a big hurry. At least we have everything we need. 

This is another extra bedroom upstairs for when guests come stay with us. Nice and cozy.

One of the bedrooms Shaileen made into her craft room. We recently went and bought some tables so she can do her crafts on them. We just need to paint the nasty stripes off of the bedroom walls. 

Extra full bathroom upstairs. This is so much better than the nasty blue tile one we had before. I can't say enough how excited we are to be out of that house. 

Master bedroom- We just have not put anything up on the walls in here yet however because we have not decided what we want up yet. 

Master Bathroom, my favorite thing about it is the shower is tall enough where I don't have to crouch over to use it. Also, the seperate toilet room. 

Shaileen's painting turned out really cool I think in here. 

Master closet. 

This is one of the rooms in our basement. This one had the built in for the tv already. Sooner or later we are going to make this a work out room until we finish the basement. Perfect size for it I think. 

As I am sure you can tell we are using this for our storage and freezer room for right now. I definately need so organize this better quick... 

How cool is this room? The previous owners of this house had children that played in a band. They let the kids do what they wanted to finish this room so they soundproofed it and made it into a band room. The messages on the wall are pretty fun. 

We so look forward to building many memories in this home. We welcome anyone that wants to come out as well.