Monday, July 8, 2013

Big Surprise!!!!

I showed up at the hospital this morning at 6:30. I can't into the nursery and bent down to give my precious little man a kiss and noticed this... 

Our precious little man is so amazing!!! I started to sob when I noticed the oxygen was gone!!!!!! I cannot believe they were able to ween him off the oxygen this fast. When I walked in and saw it was gone and I looked at the nurse and said "Are you serious?" Our nurse said they were able to take it off at about 3:00am. I started to sob. He has been doing so great! Kurt sadly is at work... I text him a picture to let him know and he said "Way to go big boy!!!!!!!"

Jax... Mommy and and daddy are so proud of you! You are do amazing and so strong. We love you and couldn't be more proud of you!!!!!! 


  1. What a strong kiddo!!!! Do you guys know when you will be brining him home??? What a miracle!!

  2. Yay, great job Jax!