Monday, September 30, 2013

Jax's 3 month check up

Today was the day that we finally were able to go to the doctor to get Jax checked out. It was supposed to be his 2 month appointment but will end up being closer to 3 months because he turns 3 months old on Sunday. We were so excited because we were going to finally figure out where Jax stands with his weight. 

Shaileen was so excited about his weight. He was about a half pound more than we expected.

He weighes in at a whopping 9lbs 12.5 oz. We are so proud of him, it seems like he is so big but in reality he is still so small. He is only 21 inches tall right now too. 

So here are the percentages that we were so excited to get. 

0.31% in weight
0.01% in height
0.27 % in Head Circumference
80.72% in height/weight comparison. (This one means that even though he is small his height and weight are a really good match)

I look quite drunk here

Jax wasn't sure what to think when the doctor started checking him out. However, he did really good.

I am pretty sure Jax knew what was coming next. SHOT TIME...

Isn't this the saddest thing you have ever seen? He has been pretty sad tonight but has been sleeping a lot. 


  1. Gah! Those shots just made my heart ache! Its like you have preformed the utmost betrayal when you hear that poor cry! :( Lol. Super cute! Love the pics and video! :) I have the stinkin' cutest nephew EVER! :)