Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sick Jax boy

Yesterday Jax got really sick again out of no where. It was kind if weird and so sad. We are not sure what it is. If it does not get a bit better by tomorrow we will take him to the doctor then. He has a real raspy cry but is not coughing, doesn't seem to have an ear ache, and is eating perfectly. I just hate seeing my little buddy sad. Hope he gets better quickly. 


  1. Be super is RSV season and with his prematurity and birth weight he will be susceptible. You may want to see if he should get the Synagis vaccines and be very careful having him in crowds, public places, and around other children who are exposed to more children. Germs travel fast and his little body isn't ready to fight them. RSV is very scary!

    OK..,now that the healthcare side of me has given its two cents, can I just say that Jax is adorable! You guys are such a cute family and it's great to see your happy faces!!