Friday, September 16, 2011

Adoption: Personal Interviews

This past Monday Shaileen and I took a couple hours off of work to go and have our personal interviews to finish one more step to be qualified for adoption. I was a little bit apprehensive to go in because as you may know I am not a talker and don't like to talk (especially about myself). Going in we were told to expect about an hour interview for each of us. Shaileen went in first and I sat in the foyer and took a nice nap! About an hour later she walked out and it was my turn to go in! The interview was not bad at all it was just a bunch of questions to ensure we are fit to adopt! You know I am not a big talker because I was in there for barely over 20 minutes. I like to get to the point and Shaileen likes to elaborate! We were really excited because we found that we are going to be fully approved probably about 1-2 months earlier than we expected. We still have to do our home study where our caseworker come to our home and makes sure we are fit to have a kid. We went and purchased a fire extinguisher and some more co detectors because they are required. We went home to check our smoke alarm and it was out of batteries so that is next on the list! We are so excited to be getting to the end of this process because it has been a long time coming and we want to be available for birth parents to be looking for us! We would appreciate all of our friends, family, or anyone reading this to keep us in your prayers during this process because we certainly need this! Also, as we always say keep us in our minds as people may bring up the possibility of adoption and please do not hesitate to bring up our names! When our application process is complete we are going to be making pass-a-long cards which are kind if like business cards that we can hand out! We love you and appreciate everyone!


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