Monday, September 5, 2011

Picnic in the Canyon

Yesterday evening after church we had our annual dinner in the canyon before Labor Day. We all met up in Big Cottonwood Canyon at the Ledgemere picnic area. Right as we showed up my brother was carrying her daughter out of the picnic area as she was crying because her brother threw a rock into the river and it hit another rock and came back and hit her in the eye. They were gone for several hours and she got a total of 5 stitches. We all felt bad because Hilarie and Bret had put a lot of work into putting the dinner together but was not able to enjoy most of it. Again we want to say thank you to Hilarie and Bret for all of the work they did. Towards the bottom of the picnic area there was a little cave opening that all of my nieces and nephews were all curious about but were to scared to go into it. Several years ago I into it so we took them all into the cave. It was way fun to see the little girls go from way scared to confident in the cave. I am so thankful for my family and who they made me grow up to be! I love them!


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