Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Help Support Birth Mothers

As I am sure everyone knows because we are ALWAYS talking about it, we are in the process of adoption. Through this process we have grown a great love for all birth mothers and their selflessness. From taking the classes to get fully approved for adoption we spoke to panels of birth mothers. The one thing that we learned from that is that THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE FORGOTTEN. That is why I am asking you to go support this great charity this coming Saturday (Birth Mother Day). There is this great nonprofit orginization called Birth Mother Basket(BMB). It is run by a birthmother that placed her child a long time ago and knows of the grieving that takes place there after. She wants them to know that they are not just forgotten. This Saturday from 11-2 pm go up to the Blue Lemon which is located at 11073 N Alpine Hwy, Highland UT and have some lunch. There are going to be great people there and 20% of your lunch will go towards a great cause. Even if you dont go please at least keep birth mothers in your prayers especially that day ,and even more :). If someone would like to go with us give us a call or text us. We never complain about having company.

When you go make sure you print out this ad and take it with you so the funds go to BMB...

If you would like you can see their blog here...