Monday, May 7, 2012

William and Brianna's Wedding

Yesterday was my good friends wedding. We had a blast and are so excited for them. The day started out great by going to their sealing at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. We never had the opportunity of going to that temple before and we excited to go for the first time. It did not dissapoint. The sealing room was the most beautiful that I had ever seen. With Shaileen and I going through the adoption process we felt the spirit just a little more that day as it was a very special day for us knowing that one day we will have the same opportunity being sealed to our children just as if they were born directly into the covenant. At the dinner Brianna (bride) said something really special that really hit me. She said something to the effect of people kept coming up to her and asking if they felt any different. She had to say no because nothing did feel different. She was saying how great it felt to feel that this was a very natural progression in life that she didn't need to feel different. That probably did not make sense but it really hit me and I thought that I would share because maybe someone else was supposed to hear it too. That night was a blast at the reception seeing people that I have not seen for years. Again, we wish the best for William and Brianna.

on our way to the temple

we wish we knew how to get beautiful tulips like these in our yard

William getting a little frisky at the temple :)

at the reception

we had some fun messing with their car

Brianna got William real good and there was cake all over his face... the worst I have ever seen


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