Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4 wheeling in Uintas

Yesterday we had an absolute blast. Kimberly and Jason invited us to go up to the Uintas with them to check out some camping spots for later this summer as well as ride some 4-wheelers around. The day started off a little rough with one of Jason's 4-wheelers leaking oil and gasoline. He was able to get it fixed and then we were going to load the 4-wheelers and a welding point on his trailer had given and fallen off. We got the bikes loaded and got on our way.

It was absolutely beautiful up there. We went up to Soap Stone in the Uintas

Here Shaileen is being an amazing Aunt.

See I told you it was beautiful up there.

Unfortunately the same bike we were having problems with gave us fits up there too. We even had to end up towing them up a hill. 

Jason, Alex and I got on the wheeler and I rode him back to the truck so he could drive it up to load the other bike.

We found a little grasshopper so I picked it up and showed the boys! They love it. DJ loved it so much that when I let it go he decided he would step on it.


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