Monday, March 18, 2013

Delivery Room Vs Sealing Room

On Friday we went to an adoption panel that Families Supporting Adoption put together. It was a panel of adoptive parents that told their stories. It was really good but the thing that hit me most was the quote in the photo. He said "I would trade a delivery room for a sealing room anyday." How true is that and how cool is it also. I have been in 3 sealing rooms when an "adoption sealing" was taking place. It is such an incredible thing to see. Like I said in my previous post it is pretty cool how Heavenly Father understands and allows adoption to complete families eternally. I look forward to the day we are able to take our child to the temple and be sealed. I can just picture us kneeling there together and then looking in the mirrors that symbolize an eternal family.


  1. Hi, My name is Autumn I found this quote and your blog on instagram. My husband and I are also trying to adopt through LDSFS. I love this quote and would like to share it on my instagram and on my blog but didn't want to steal your quote. If you don't mind me sharing it I will reference your blog in my post. Please let me know thanks!