Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meet Bandit

Shaileen has been asking forever if we could get another dog and she finally got me to agree. We have been looking for the last couple of weeks and decided that we really like schnauzers. We got on KSL yesterday and saw Bandit and immediatly fell in love. He is 7 months old, potty trained, crate trained and just all around awesome. We drove down to Saratoga Springs last night to pick him up from his previous owners, they were so sad but since they were working and going to school full time they just were not able to give him the love he needs. We already love him so much and look forward to him becoming a huge part of our family.


  1. Awe! he is a cutie! BTW I love the Blogs new look!

  2. We got a puppy a few moths ago- she has helped me heal and has filled part of the empty feelings in my heart! I hope bandit can do the same for you guys! Gotta love all the slobbery dog kisses right?:)