Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Packing and moving

Lately we have been packing like crazy to get ready to move to our new house. As you can tell from the pictures below our house is stacked with boxes in most rooms. We are excited to move and get into a bigger better house. We have been told that we should be planning to close on May 22nd. We are happy because we really did not want to move twice as we thought there was a possibility of there being a week between houses.


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  2. It was a good idea to pack your things ahead of time! In doing so, you'll have a lot of time to weigh the importance of your stuff – if you need to keep it or if you have to let it go. By the way, did you make a list of your items and label your boxes? Good luck on your move!

  3. You must be thankful that your old house wasn't that big and couldn't contain a lot of stuff. Looking at all these boxes is already tiring, more so doing the actual packing and unpacking. By the way, when piling up boxes, it is very important to know which to put at the bottom, middle and top. That's why grouping items before packing them is a must. I know, I know. Moving is a whole lot of tedious work. How's the new house?

  4. I trust you are now settled in your new house. I hope you packed all your items right; improper packing could do serious damage to your items during the shipment. It's practical to use boxes but don't use those with weak or torn corners. If you have fragile or electric equipment, it's safer to put them in a crate.