Monday, June 27, 2011

Carlye's 8th Birthday

We celebrated Carlye's 8th birthday yesterday! She has been looking forward to turning 8 for a long time now because she gets to be baptized and get her ears pierced. Scott and Cindy also made dinner last night and it was great! Scott made ugly steaks that literally took up the full plate. I can tell you that Shaileen loves her sister very much and we had a lot of fun putting her present together. We got her a sign language book. She has been into learning more and more about it and we have her a small book with about 50 signs a couple of months ago and she had all of them memorized within a couple of days. This book has over 1000 signs if i remember right so it should keep her busy for a while. Shaileen also put together a little craft box together for her to but all of her craft stuff and Shaileen filled it all of the way full with fun stuff so she could start scrapbooking if she wants to. She also gave her a blank scrapbook so she can start out. We printed out some photographs of the family also and Shaileen made an awesome collage and put it in a frame! We love Carlye very much and are happy that she has turned 8. She is making some awesome choices to get baptized and confirmed this next Saturday! (of course you know there will be a blog about that)

Woohoo Sign Language Book!

This is the craft box that Shaileen made for her.

I just had to take a fun eyes shot!

Stacy and D gave her about a million silly bands, Carlye was going to put them all on and got to about 40 and said nevermind!

This is my favorite shot of the day!

Shaileen just loves helping out with anything! :)


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