Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day

This past Sunday was Fathers Day and both Shaileen and I love our fathers very much. On Saturday evening we went over to Kimberly and Jason's house and celebrated Fathers Day with my side of the family. I just have to say that I have the best Dad on the face of the planet and am so very thankful for him and everything that he has taught me! I hope to be a Dad to my children as he was to me. I also look forward to having children so that they can have the greatest Grandpa in the world! On Sunday Morning we woke up and went over to Shaileen's mothers house and celebrated fathers day with Robert which is her step dad. We had a delicious breakfast and it was nice to sit and talk with them. Sunday evening after church we went to Shaileens dads house and ate dinner over there. We had a good time as you can see. I was stupid and forgot to take pictures at my family get together and the morning so I found some old photos of me and my dad and of Robert as well.

Me and my dad

Robert, Shaileen's step dad

Shaileen's Dad (dressed as a missionary)

This is one of the pictures that Carlye drew for her dad!

I love how you can see how much Shaileen loves her little sister here!


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