Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shaileens Birffday

On June 8 2011 Shaileen turned 23 years old so we celebrated her birthday! The night before we had Carlye come sleep over at our place. We woke up nice and early and I decided it was a good time for Shaileen to open her present from me. (yes just one...I am cheap)

Shaileen has been asking for new pots and pans for quite some time now she at least pretended real well that she liked them

Dont ask me what Shaileen is doing here...

We also went to Virgs Diner for breakfast for some good eating

Yes, I am actually there...hahaha

Shaileen has also wanted to go to the zoo for quite a while as well so we got up and went. My Mom and DJ also went with us because they were home and the more the merrier.

DJ loved this Churro and ended up dipping it in my moms icecream to make it even better!

Any time you go to the zoo there is an unwritten rule to take a picture in front of the Gorilla sillouettes.

Here is the full clan!

Shaileen, I hope you had a wonderful birthday this year. It wasn't much that we did or that you got, but know that I love you and am the happiest being with you these last 2 years! Keep up on being the best wife a man could ask for! I wish you the best year and I know things are going to look up for you and I know that soon you are going to get the little present that you really want and deserve! I LOVE YOU!


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