Saturday, June 25, 2011

Independance Day Craft

This morning Shaileen had a craft day with my Mom and Kimberly. They had a lot of fun. With it being summer and close to independance day they made some stars and fireworks. I have to say that Independence Day is my favorite holiday just to let you know :) . Shaileen was watching our friends kid named Max as well. She really enjoys watching kids. As you can see they enjoyed their selves and did an excellent job with their craft as well! There should be another post tonight or tomorrow as well because it is Taylorsville Dayzz this weekend and it makes for some fun photographs and we are going with some friends this evening.

DJ is excited for craft day!

Gotta prime first!

Way to teach him Grandma :)

This is Max....what a stud!

DJ playing with his cars while the girls were doing girly things!

Firework blocks

Stars (if you couldn't figure that out by yourselve)



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